Adam Cheyer, vice president of research and development at Samsung Mobile, and co-founder and developer of Siri, spoke at the 2019 VOICE Summit at the New Jersey Institute of Technology, describing how voice technology is the next natural progression in the phone and PC industry. Linda Cohn recently got together with a group of Silicon Valley Brandeis alumni. Linda; Arielle Keller ’16, MS’16; Hannah Z. Kober ’16; Emily Greenwald ’16; and Ike and Jeanette Goodman, both ’54, enjoyed Brandeis in a Box swag over brunch. Debora Katz, for 24 years a physics professor at the U.S. Naval Academy, is now chief patent academic officer at the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. Lisa Sharon Morel celebrated daughter Jessica’s bat mitzvah in September. Linda Cohn; Ike and Jeanette Goodman, both ’54; and Amy Field-Smith ’92 attended. Steven Simensky and David Lown celebrated their 35 years of attending punk rock shows together, a tradition that began at Brandeis, by moshing to numerous bands at the Camp Anarchy Festival, in Columbus, Ohio.
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