Fran Rosenblatt Samuels is one of a group of women from the Class of ’72 who have been getting together a few times a year. “We call our group the Brandeis Elite, but that’s a misnomer, since, of course, everyone in the class was elite,” she writes. “What a bonus to discover how much fun we still have together. And we still find one another interesting, caring, entertaining and, as Julie Andres Schwait says, adorable!” Brad Taylor’s novel “Beyond the Flight of the Arrow” is now available in paperback.

Six smiling women sit behind a long wooden table against a rough brick wall.

TOP-NOTCH: Linda Bodzin Coppleson, Sandy Shapiro Grossman, Fran Rosenblatt Samuels, Amy Luskind Weltman, Julie Andres Schwait and Robin Lewinstein Leventhal, all ’72, who playfully call themselves the “Brandeis Elite,” make sure to get together several times a year.

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