Samuel Heilman, P’98, P’02, is the author of “Who Will Lead Us? The Story of Five Hasidic Dynasties in America” and co-author of “Hasidism: A New History.” He is working as a co-author on a book tentatively titled “Following Similar Paths: Muslims and Jews in America, Convergence and Divergence.” Samuel and wife Ellin ’69, P’98, P’02, shuttle between homes in Jerusalem and New York. They have eight grandchildren in Israel and three in the United States. Richard Kay was celebrated in September at a University of Connecticut symposium in connection with a forthcoming Festschrift to be published in the Connecticut Law Review in his honor. Jon Landau, H’19, co-produced the Bruce Springsteen documentary “Western Stars.” The film premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival in September. The fifth book in Triss Finkelman Stein’s series of mysteries set in Brooklyn neighborhoods, “Brooklyn Legacies,” was published in December. The story, which takes place in Brooklyn Heights, revolves around the uneasy connections between old Brooklyn society, dedicated historic preservationists, a powerful and controversial religious organization, ambitious developers and aging hippies.
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