Brian Devine Jr., founder and producer of Gigantic Pictures and Gigantic Music, is executive producer of a short film titled “I: Ayn Rand.” In July, Karen Marks took part in the largest walking event in the world, the International Four Days Marches in Nijmegen, the Netherlands. For four days, she walked 40 kilometers (25 miles) a day along with 47,000 other people, including military units from 20 different countries. “I’ve completed eight marathons since 2010, but this was a far greater test of my physical and mental stamina,” she writes. “The feeling when I finally crossed the finish line was amazing, but my feet were a mess.” Michele Shoueka Perlstein, P’23, was named of counsel at law firm Greater Good, located in Allentown, Pennsylvania. Sarah Schectman (known as Barbara Epstein during her Brandeis years) announces the birth of her second grandchild, Devorah Yehudit.



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