Lynn Cooper and husband Michael Ambrosino sold their Newton, Massachusetts, home and moved to the Pelican Cove community in Sarasota, Florida. Retired from her practice of psychotherapy, and divorce and family mediation, Lynn spends time with her daughter Jess and her son-in-law, and their children, as well as stepchildren Julie, Michael and Jonathan. She also enjoys pickleball, quilting, singing, making clay jewelry, volunteering and baking chocolate cakes for good friends. Donna Guy, Distinguished Professor Emerita of Humanities and History at The Ohio State University, and former director of the Latin American Area Center at the University of Arizona, has received the Conference on Latin American History’s Distinguished Service Award. Jane Schwarz retired in 2017 as the founding director of Flying Cloud Institute, where she worked to change science and arts education in Massachusetts. She continues her Brandeisian commitment to social justice by serving as a school committee chair in the Berkshires. Michael Segal and wife Cathy Dunham moved from Westport, Massachusetts, to Pelican Cove in Sarasota, Florida. Old friend Barbara Weller Wolf attended their welcome dinner.
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