55th Reunion
June 5-7, 2020

The book “What’s Your Pronoun? Beyond He and She,” by Dennis Baron, P’05, was published by Liveright in January. The book is aimed at language lovers and those confused about the use of such gender-neutral pronouns as “they,” “zie” and “hir.” Richard Weisberg is the Floersheimer Professor of Constitutional Law at Cardozo Law School, Yeshiva University. In October, he delivered an address at the University of Toulouse Law School on the occasion of the publication in French of his 1984 book, “The Failure of the Word.” In November, he addressed the French Holocaust Restitution Commission in Paris to mark the 20th anniversary of its work, in which he has played a key role. To date, hundreds of millions of euros have been paid in restitution to those victimized by the Vichy regime during World War II. Richard received the Legion of Honor in 2009 for his work in behalf of the victims of Vichy.

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