Ed Feldstein, P’88, celebrated his 80th birthday in Florida with wife Judith Rothenberg Feldstein ’63, P’88, and Brandeis classmates Marty Zelnik and Herb Schimmel. He is happy to report that, after many years, everyone “still recognized each other without large-size name tags.” Michael Schatz and Judith Leavitt Schatz, P’87, G’18, recently enjoyed a visit from their three grandchildren, which included trips to museums and the Mapparium, at the Mary Baker Eddy Library, and theater performances. The couple later traveled to Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand. Since retiring in 2011, Dorothy Shubow has been active with the Gloucester Writers Center. She edited a book, “The Inner Voice and the Outer World,” featuring work by the center’s writers. She is also in her seventh year of leading a writing workshop for veterans. Her sons Joshua and Matthew recently got married, and she traveled to West Virginia with her son Raphael to visit friends, including a retired miner whom she met while doing advocacy work with the Black Lung Association more than 40 years ago. Classmates can reach Dorothy at dorothyelsa@yahoo.com. Richard Siegel, a member of the American Civil Liberties Union National Board of Directors from 1975-88, was a founding member of the ACLU of Nevada. He also taught international human rights and related courses for more than 50 years, including at the University of Nevada, Reno.
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