Lilian Bier’s law firm, Bier Family Law, specializes in high-end dissolution of marriage asset cases and high-conflict custody matters. Leslie Bier Ariel ’82 is the firm’s office manager. Lillian and husband Eric live with their three dogs in Portland, Oregon. The couple has a daughter in graduate school and another who is a recent college graduate. Iris Lavine works on the U.S. Navy’s Trident program as a principal mission assurance engineer at Raytheon. Daughter Shoshana, who is pursuing a PhD in chemical and biomedical engineering at UMass Amherst, was married in November to Lyle, who is posted to the Navy submarine base in Groton, Connecticut. David Slater gives a shoutout to Kirk Levy, Nick Kushner, Stuart Barr, Farrel Miller and David Winston. Scott Travers is executive editor at Beckett COINage magazine and the money connoisseur blogger at Bottom Line Personal. His blog was named Blog of the Year by the Numismatic Literary Guild for the second consecutive year. He was also an on-air expert in the CNBC “American Greed” episode focused on dirty gold, which debuted in September. Susan Zinder was elected to the board of the United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism. In December, she caught up with Jonathan Lightman and Caren Fierverker Boroshok, who were fellow attendees at the organization’s biennial convention. In September, she saw Debbi Greene Barer at a high-school reunion. She’s hoping to reconnect with more classmates this year.
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