In September, Israela Adah Brill-Cass, P’21, trained members of the Association for Jewish Studies’ Committee on Sexual Misconduct to serve as ombuds for their organizations. The committee’s ombuds training and the launch of its sexual misconduct website were recognized by as one of the seven Jewish feminist highlights of 2019. Israela, who is the ombuds for Wesleyan University, has worked as a conflict and negotiation professional since 1998. Scott Gladstone, P’23, who said he was looking forward to seeing classmates at the 30th Reunion in June, proudly reports his youngest son is a first-year at Brandeis. Renee Heywood, director of educational services at the Massachusetts Department of Youth Services, gave a TED-style talk for students of color and attended her students’ joint project with Brandeis, on juvenile justice. Marni Smith Katz, P’22, is associate director of planned giving at Yale University. Lisa Solomon was recognized by the American Bar Association Journal as a Legal Rebels Trailblazer for her role in establishing freelance lawyering as a career option. For 24 years, Lisa has assisted solo and small-firm lawyers with their legal research and writing needs. Michael Turner and Susie Spodek ’91 celebrated their 20th wedding anniversary in October. They have three children — Asher, Maya and Danielle — and live in Forest Hills, New York.
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