Bob Acker is building a teak house in Louangphabang, Laos. Winston Bernard Coard includes a chapter about his time at Brandeis in volume three of his memoirs, “SKYRED: A Tale of Two Revolutions (The Grenada Revolution).” Grant Cooke enjoyed a career as an education authority arts adviser, researching and developing new programs for teachers and students. He divides his time between London and Devon, England, and travels during the winter, especially to North Africa, Southeast Asia and India, where he and wife Deirdre visit with Vineeta Singh Rai. Lucy Rose Fischer has written her fifth book, “Grow Old With Me” (Temuna Press, 2019), a picture book for adults that tells the story of a long and happy marriage. The book is a follow-up to her award-winning picture book “I’m New at Being Old,” published in 2010. Victoria Hilkevitch says she is the “fairy dog mother” of a rescue dog, Gracie, who joins Victoria for daily walks and regular sleepovers. Steven Hochman and wife Jane welcomed 2020 with a 35-year tradition: dinner with Elliot Evans and his wife, Karen Rubinson. Steven is a constituent-services volunteer in the office of U.S. Rep. Nita Lowey (D-NY).
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