Bob Beller, Bill Caspe, Marty Fassler, Bruce Fleegler, Dick Forman, Sid Golub, Jay Living­ston ’66 and Bob Shaw enjoyed a mini-reunion in Boston in October. They visited Brandeis with a guide from Institutional Advancement, had lunch and a meeting with several faculty members, spoke with an Admissions staff member, and toured the library and the MakerLab. This spring, Anne Bernstein appeared in “Escaped Alone,” by Carol Churchill, at the Magic Theatre in San Francisco. Juan Corradi, MA’67, PhD’73, has written a nonfiction book on sailing and traveling, “The Voyages of Pirate: 55,000 Ocean Miles on a Classic Swan” (Seapoint Books, 2019). Mark Fischer has written a book, “Serious About Retiring: A Practical Roadmap for a Healthier, Wealthier, Happier Retirement” (Temuna Press, 2019). The book is a comprehensive guide on preparing for retirement, with insights and information related to health, housing, work, investments, budgeting, tax issues, estate planning and more. Helen (Alpert) Goldenberg and Stephen Barr hosted Helen’s daughters, sons-in-law, grandchildren and brothers-in-law in Florida for Thanksgiving. Katherine “Kiki” Gould-Martin is spending two years in Germany at Bard College Berlin. She encourages classmates in the area to contact her. Joan and Michael Kalafatas enjoyed a mini-reunion in the Berkshires with Joan’s former suitemates at Brandeis. Judith Roberts, MFA’68, loves living in Oregon with her partner, Joe Cronin. She teaches at the University of Oregon, and directs and performs with the Fools Haven acting company. She has enjoyed visits with Tony Bell and David Sackeroff, MFA’69, and has performed several first exposures of plays by Andy Harmon ’68 and Michael Weller. Richard Weisberg is spending the semester at the University of Pittsburgh as a distinguished visiting professor in the English literature department and the School of Law. He and wife Cheryl Zackian Weisberg ’68 are thrilled the visit brings them closer to two of their five grandchildren, who live in Sewickley, Pennsylvania, a Pittsburgh suburb.

Four smiling women sit at a table with a wooded area visible behind them

HOUSE OF MIRTH: Former suitemates Linda (Zlatin) Gaibel ’66, Joan (Furber) Kalafatas ’65, Luane (Trottier) Clark ’65 and Nancy (Woodcock) Woods ’65 were all smiles during a reunion at the Mount, author Edith Wharton’s historic home in Lenox, Massachusetts.

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