Ruth Charney, MA’72, returned to Brandeis in 2003 as a professor of mathematics. From 2013-15, she was president of the Association for Women in Mathematics, and in the fall she was elected president of the American Mathematical Society. In October, Pompia Durril shared the story of her life with her partner of 44 years, Linda, as part of the Human Library Organization initiative in Indiana. The project, which aims to challenge biases, stereotypes and prejudices, shares participants’ stories orally rather than in print. Pompia and Linda met during their time at Brandeis. David Gotthelf is celebrating a new milestone: the birth of his first grandchild, a girl. The baby shares a birthday with her proud grandfather. Nancy Katzen Kaufman, who stepped down as CEO of the National Council of Jewish Women, is now providing strategic consulting for organizations as well as executive coaching for women in nonprofits who hold or aspire to hold positions in the C-suite. Rachel “Randy” Glasser Kovacs is an adjunct associate professor at the City University of New York, teaching media-related courses. Her most recent publication tracked her classes’ use of Facebook to raise awareness of opioid abuse. She recently produced “Metamorphoses,” a film based on interviews with Baltimore-based Holocaust survivors and their children. Rachel reviews plays for offoff­ and other New York City-area publications. David Lowe, P’10, wrote “Touched With Fire: Morris B. Abram and the Battle Against Racial and Religious Discrimination,” published by Potomac Books in December. The book is the first biography of Brandeis’ second president. Barbara Quinn, who enjoys teaching yoga and painting, retired three years ago from a career as a graphic designer and illustrator. Daughter Alexandra lives in Jerusalem with her family, including Barbara’s 3-year-old grandson and 5-month-old granddaughter.
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