Linda Burke, who has visits to Florida and California on the schedule for 2020, enjoys tutoring students in math. She would love to hear from friends. Leonard Jason has received a $2.8 million grant from the National Institutes of Health to study mononucleosis among college students. During his 45-year career on the psychology faculty at DePaul University, he has secured more than $46 million in federal research grants. Leslie Keiter Tannenwald, MA’76, P’05, is an officiant specializing in interfaith weddings. Leslie would enjoy hearing from fellow alumni. Mark Seth Lender, MA’74, and his wife, Valerie Elaine Pettis, own a publishing company, Seahouse Press, that will soon become an imprint of a larger publishing house. The couple’s children’s book, “Smeagull the Seagull,” a true story about a wild herring gull who has been knocking on their door for food for 13 years, continues to grow in reputation. “Smeagull” was a premium for a Public Radio spring fundraiser in March, and the bird has become the official mascot of the Friends of Stuart B. Richard Liskov teaches an online course in insurance regulatory compliance at the Boston University School of Law. He is a senior counsel at Arent Fox. Margaret McDormand attended a 50th wedding anniversary celebration for Irma Almirall-Padamsee and Hasan Padamsee ’67 in October. Stephen Bell and Lillian Sanchez Rosales ’69 were also in attendance. Victoria Presser was elected to the White Plains (New York) Common Council for a four-year term.
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