Everett Fox, GSAS MA’72, PhD’75, P’05, reports his two volumes of biblical translation, “The Five Books of Moses” and “The Early Prophets” (published by Schocken), are available on the Sefaria website in multiple formats, including with alternating Hebrew text. The translation is work he began as a Brandeis senior. Elsa Hinojosa has been retired from teaching at Tecnológico de Monterrey, a private university in Monterrey, Mexico, for 12 years. She edits the magazine that goes to retired professors, paints watercolors and belongs to a gardening club. Elsa was a Wien Scholar at Brandeis. Mark Simon is celebrating the arrival of another grandchild. Olivia Renee Simon, born Dec. 4, is the daughter of Mark’s son Tom and Tom’s partner, Daliza Cabrera.
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