Hem Vanarath is advocating against a destructive hydropower dam in Cambodia.


headshot of Chen Arad and Asaf Meir 

KEEPING CRYPTO SAFE: Digital assets are terra nova for most investors, entrepreneurs Chen Arad ’15, Heller MA/MBA’17, and Asaf Meir ’14 realized. So they have co-founded Solidus Labs to bridge gaps between cryptocurrency and the traditional financial world, and offer crypto investors financial safeguards, and protection against market manipulation and fraud.

headshot of Sam Terris 

THE FUTURE OF FOOD: A Forbes 30 Under 30 honoree, Sam Terris ’15 is co-founder of Simulate, a biotechnology company that creates plant-based versions of animal-based foods. Its chicken-nugget replacement, NUGGS, is being sold in 15,000 retailers, including Walmart, Whole Foods and Target. Terris sees Simulate, which has raised $60 million in funding, as a step toward reducing the negative environmental impact of the current food system.


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