Amy Golahny’s book on Rembrandt’s master print “The Hundred Guilder Print (Christ Preaching)” was published by Lund Humphries in March. It’s the first monograph devoted to this famous work, which includes images of Jewish sages in conflict with Jesus, a crowd of people in need of healing, and exotic animals. Retired from her professorship in art history at Lycoming College, Amy is now an adjunct professor at Rhode Island College. Jonathan Greenberg is retiring from the practice of psychiatry after 41 years. “It has been a very meaningful career,” he writes. “Brandeis enriched my life in so many ways.” May Ikokwu is the author of “Folktales From Igboland” (2021), which documents the culture and heritage of the Igbo people, a major tribe in Nigeria. Pianist George Kahn’s 10th jazz album, “DreamCatcher,” was named one of the top 100 jazz albums of 2021 by In August 2021, George’s quartet, including Gary Zellerbach ’74 on guitar, performed for the Sonoma Valley Jazz Society. Ilene Mandelbaum and her husband have lived in California’s Eastern Sierra region for 38 years. Their volunteer work includes advocacy to protect Mono Lake, and efforts to create a school and a community garden. Abron S. Toure (formerly known as Melvin R. Terry) says he was inspired by an “intuitive connection” to African folk hero Samori Toure to change his name in 1992. He earned a bachelor’s in chemical engineering from Northeastern in 1983, and a master’s in science and administration from Boston University in 1991, and has four children and eight grandchildren. Ilene Ungerleider is retiring after more than 30 years as a nurse and assistant librarian in a small Quaker school in Cambridge, Massachusetts. She’s looking forward to spending more time with her soon-to-be-five grandchildren.
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