Offices Directory Administrators

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Academic Services Hurd, Mary Richardson
Academic Services Parrillo, Laura L (Non-Official)
Academic Services Pineiro, Lily (Non-Official)
Admissions Varadan, Becca
African and African American Studies Plumb, Betsy Loren
American Studies Schlesinger, Sybil Ellen (Non-Official)
Anthropology Carpenter, Laurel J
Anthropology Strauss, Barbara (Non-Official)
Association for Jewish Studies Katchen, Aaron (Non-Official)
Athletics Kim (Athletics), Michelle
Athletics Lebel, Kerri (Non-Official)
Athletics Matt, Michael G. (Non-Official)
Biochemistry Baker, Natasha
Biochemistry Berlis, Maria (Non-Official)
Biological Physics Woolf, Laura
Biological Physics Thorne, Joan (Non-Official)
Biology Bailey, Erin
Biology Alexander, Tre (Non-Official)
Biology Bellow, Daniel (Non-Official)
Biology Heinrich, Judith Studley (Non-Official)
Biophysics and Structural Biology Program (No Admin)
Bookstore (No Admin)
Brandeis Emergency Medical C. (No Admin)
Brandeis Jewish Education Program (No Admin)
Brandeis Theater (No Admin)
Brandeis University Press (No Admin)
Brandeis-Genesis Institute for Russian Jewry (No Admin)
Budget & Planning Freda, Kenneth (Non-Official)
Business Kinloch, Jennifer (Non-Official)
Business Muise, Karen E (Non-Official)
Campus Operations Thayer, Rob
Capital Projects (No Admin)
Center for German & European Studies Catano, Sonja
Center for Spiritual Life Lauber, Diane
Center for Spiritual Life Ericson, Lara (Non-Official)
Chemistry Maurer, Courtney L (Non-Official)
Chemistry Pochapsky, Thomas Charles (Non-Official)
Classical Studies DeVore, David
Cohen Ctr for Mod Jewish Stud Lokshin, Masha Sud
Communications, Office of Walton, Christina Ninteau
Communications, Office of DeBoer, Stephanie (Non-Official)
Comparative Humanities, Master of Arts Program (No Admin)
Comparative Literature and Culture Program Dickinson, Katie (Non-Official)
Computer Science Golitsyn, Michael
Computer Science Gudaitis, Anne (Non-Official)
Consilience Program (No Admin)
Copy Center (No Admin)
Course Evaluation Office (No Admin)
Credit Union (No Admin)
Crown Center for Middle East Studies Horowitz, Marilyn R.
Dean of Arts and Sciences McMahan, Kathleen Ann
Dean of Arts and Sciences Kearns, Shannon M (Non-Official)
Dean of Students Office Valerio, Elba
Dean of Students Office Durfee, Carissa (Non-Official)
Dean of Students Office Ghansah, Sammy (Non-Official)
Department of Community Living (No Admin)
Dining Services Thayer, Rob (Non-Official)
Disability Studies Quarterly (No Admin)
Division of Science Felton, Heather M
Division of Science Aldrich, Maryanna (Non-Official)
Division of Science Heinrich, Judith Studley (Non-Official)
Division of Science Horwitz, Sarah (Non-Official)
Economics Yancich, Leslie
Education Program Bailey, Tyson
Education Program Kell, Eileen (Non-Official)
English Pannella, Lisa J
English Strauss, Barbara (Non-Official)
English Language Program Murugesan, Vinodini (Non-Official)
Environmental Studies Dottin, Jazz (Non-Official)
European Cultural Studies Rider, Alyssa Margaret
Facilities Administration Thornton, Judy (Non-Official)
Faculty Center Lodge (No Admin)
Faculty Senate (No Admin)
Film Studies Brown, Lisa
Film and Media Workshop (No Admin)
Financial Affairs & Treasury Freda, Kenneth (Non-Official)
Financial Affairs & Treasury Jordan, Gail McDonald (Non-Official)
Fine Arts Kahn, Christine Elizabeth
Foster Lab Venell, Tessa A. (Non-Official)
General Counsel, Office of the Cappadona, Doreen A
Genetic Counseling Graduate Program (No Admin)
Genetic Counseling Program Brock, Roberta
German, Russian and Asian Rider, Alyssa Margaret
Goodman Institute (No Admin)
Gordon Public Policy Center (No Admin)
Graduate School of Arts and Sciences (No Admin)
Graduate Student Association (No Admin)
Graybiel Lab (No Admin)
Hadassah-Brandeis Institute Leonard, Nancy Ross
Hadassah-Brandeis Institute Olins, Debby Newman (Non-Official)
Hassenfeld Conference Center (No Admin)
Health Center Lockhart, LaShaun
Health Center Dine, Andrea B. (Non-Official)
Health: Science, Society and Policy Howell, Kathryn Graham
Heller School Soc Policy & Mgt Beswick, Joanne (Non-Official)
Heller School Soc Policy & Mgt Felson, Victoria
Hiatt Career Center Dine, Andrea B.
Hiatt Career Center Schlesinger, Jon (Non-Official)
Hillel at Brandeis Max, Stephanie
History Cronin, Martha (Non-Official)
History of Ideas Seeger, Julie
Hornstein Jewish Professional Leadership Program Olsberg, Marla
Human Resources (No Admin)
Information Technology Services Hage, Lindsay
Information Technology Services Rose, Kimberly (Non-Official)
Institutional Advancement Morris, Ania
Institutional Advancement Martinez, Valentina Alexandra (Non-Official)
Intercultural Center Whitehurst, Tara L. (Non-Official)
Interdisciplinary Program in Literary Studies (No Admin)
International & Global Studies Dottin, Jazz
International Business School Kinloch, Jennifer (Non-Official)
International Center for Ethics, Justice and Public Life Strauss, Barbara
Internet Studies (No Admin)
Investment Management Regan, Pamela
Islamic & Middle Eastern Studies Spira, Karen
Japanese (No Admin)
Journalism Program Schlesinger, Sybil Ellen
Journalism Program Swidey, Neil (Non-Official)
Latin American, Caribbean and Latinx Studies Bol, Mangok Mach
Library Services Hage, Lindsay
Library Services Barry, Martha Jane (Non-Official)
Library Services Kastner, William (Non-Official)
Linguistics Golitsyn, Michael
Linguistics Gudaitis, Anne (Non-Official)
Linguistics and Cognitive Science (No Admin)
Mandel Center for Humanities Bol, Mangok Mach (Non-Official)
Mandel Center for Studies in Jewish Education DiNolfo, Elizabeth (Non-Official)
Mathematics Broderick, Catherine C
Medieval and Renaissance Studies Schlesinger, Sybil Ellen
Medieval and Renaissance Studies Unglaub, Jonathan W (Non-Official)
Music Kagan, Mark (Non-Official)
National Board for Women's Studies at Brandeis (No Admin)
National Center for Behavioral Genomics (No Admin)
National Center for Jewish Film Rivo, Lisa
Near Eastern & Judaic Studies Arnish, Joanne H. (Non-Official)
Near Eastern & Judaic Studies Mannion, Jean Marie (Non-Official)
Near Eastern & Judaic Studies Parmer, Jodie (Non-Official)
Neuroscience Maryott, Jessica (Non-Official)
Neuroscience Bailey, Erin
Neuroscience Bellow, Daniel (Non-Official)
Neuroscience Heinrich, Judith Studley (Non-Official)
Office of Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Bozkurtian, Lisa
Office of Institutional Research Rosenfeld, Haley
Office of Institutional Research Albury, Mitchell R. (Non-Official)
Office of the EVP for Finance and Administration Jordan, Gail McDonald (Non-Official)
Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs Murphy, MaryAnne
Orientation and First Year Experience Flynn, Laura (Non-Official)
Peace, Conflict and Coexistence Studies Jordahl, Lauren (Non-Official)
Philosophy Seeger, Julie
Physics Thorne, Joan (Non-Official)
Physics Woolf, Laura
Politics Colocouris, Rosanne
President, Office of the Iriskic, Sandra
Printing Center (No Admin)
Procurement and Business Services Sampson, Courtney
Procurement and Business Services Hunter, Elizabeth (Non-Official)
Program in Religious Studies Schlesinger, Sybil Ellen
Program in Religious Studies Lucken, Kristen (Non-Official)
Program in Social Justice and Social Policy Jordahl, Lauren
Provost, Office of the Wasielewski, Kristen
Provost, Office of the Hanelt, Jodi (Non-Official)
Provost, Office of the Salvucci, Judith Ann (Non-Official)
Psychological Counseling Lockhart, LaShaun
Psychology Gnatowski, Philip
Psychology Caira, Evelyn E (Non-Official)
Psychology Palmarozzo, Angela (Non-Official)
Public Safety/Campus Police Robichaud, Carol L
Rabb School Hicks, Alina
Rabb School Barone, Christie M (Non-Official)
Radiation Safety Karel, Steven
Radiation Safety Tatkowski, Witold (Non-Official)
Registrar Cunnane, Richard J (Non-Official)
Registrar Hewitt, Mark S (Non-Official)
Research Administration Bergman, Morgen
Research Administration Goldman, Gail Rubenson (Non-Official)
Romance Studies Dickinson, Katie
Romance Studies Rounseville, Ellen C. (Non-Official)
Rose Art Museum DiPietro, Anthony (Non-Official)
Rosenstiel Center Rardin, R Lynn
Rosenstiel Center Shelly, Paula M (Non-Official)
Russian and East European Studies (No Admin)
Sarnat Center for the Study of Anti-Jewishness (No Admin)
Schuster Inst for Invst Jrnlsm (No Admin)
Schusterman Center for Israel Studies Singer, Rise
Schusterman Center for Israel Studies Schwartz, Wendy (Non-Official)
Social Justice Social Policy Jordahl, Lauren (Non-Official)
Sociology Hansen, Cheri
Sociology Jordahl, Lauren (Non-Official)
South Asian Studies Rider, Alyssa Margaret
Special Events (No Admin)
Student Financial Services Avery, Sherri Melissa
Student Rights & Comm Standard Valerio, Elba
Student Rights & Comm Standard Baker, Bob (Non-Official)
Student Rights & Comm Standard Rossett, Alexandra (Non-Official)
Study Abroad Cardwell, Alisha
Study Abroad Martinson, Erica (Non-Official)
Sunday School (No Admin)
Tauber Institute Briand, David
Technology Licensing Office Menapace, Rebecca
Technology Licensing Office Walsh, Diane (Non-Official)
Theater Arts Hyland, Alicia
Theater Arts Art-Koljonen, Shelby (Non-Official)
Travel Agency Sampson, Courtney (Non-Official)
University Events Balzer, Kayla
University Seminar in Humanistic Inquiries (No Admin)
University Services Thayer, Rob
University Studies (No Admin)
University Writing Program Kirshen, Doug
Waltham Group (No Admin)
Women's Studies Research Ctr Mullin, Kristen
Women's, Gender and Sexuality Studies Brandon, Alexandra
Writing Center (No Admin)