Songbook: "Let's Make a Better World"

"Let's Make a Better World: Stories and Songs by Jane Sapp" is a resource for music educators, chorus leaders, activists and cultural workers. In it, the nationally admired cultural worker, musician, educator, and activist Jane Wilburn Sapp shares her approach to social transformation and its roots in African American musical traditions.

Cover of "Let's Make a Better World"In the book, Sapp tells the story of her childhood, nurtured by the Black community while living in the brutal world of the Jim Crow South. She describes her participation in the Black Power movement and introduces us to her mentors. She shares 25 songs she has written with young people and sung with people of all ages, and tells the stories behind each song and offers suggestions or teachers and chorus leaders. The book also includes scores, and all of the songs can be heard on podcasts where Sapp's approach to cultural work is illuminated through conversations with activists, cultural workers and music educators.

From the introduction, "If You Really Want to Know Me:"

"Too often social change work focuses on what communities don't have: there aren't enough economic resources; the education system is not responsive; and racism keeps Black people from reaching their full potential. But I began to wonder what would have if we focus on what we do have rather that our deficient. We have each other, our songs, our stories, our imaginations, our experiences surviving and making ugly beautiful. We know how to make a way out of no way."

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