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Letter from the Co-Convenors and Advisors of the Art & Peace Commission of the IPRA

"This year, the co-convenors and advisors of the Art & Peace Commission have made the difficult decision of not attending the IPRA conference in Sierra Leone. We sincerely hope that the situation will be resolved by the time of the next IPRA conference in 2018, but in the meantime, we have reached a consensus that it was imperative to show our disapproval of the authoritarian type of management displayed by the current leaders.

For instance, we thought that the way in which the IPRA leadership attempted to remove some Commission Convenors from their positions, and appoint new ones, without adequate consultation, was detrimental to an organization purporting to support peace by peaceful means. In any case, it is now too late and it seems that IPRA is moving ahead as if nothing had happened, so we have decided, with considerable regret, to refrain from attending the conference in November and December 2016 in Sierra Leone. At the same time, we recognize the value of the commission to its members and to IPRA as a whole, and we are not discouraging others from participating.

Looking forward to 2018, we'll be happy to continue exchanging news and reports on activities and research with all members of our Art & Peace Commission through our facebook page and many other ways. Many thanks for your continued support."

Maria Elisa Pinto Garcia
Kitche Magak
Kyoko Okumoto
Olivier Urbain
Cindy Cohen

January 19, 2016

The Justice