Department of Philosophy

Alumni Spotlight: Daniel Tigard, MA’12

Daniel Tigard's Quartet posing in the bathtub

Technical University of Munich

After getting his master's degree at Brandeis, Daniel Tigard got a PhD in philosophy at Tulane, under the supervision of David Shoemaker. He wrote on moral distress in medicine.

From 2018-20, he held a post-doc in applied ethics/ethics of technology in Aachen, Germany. In May 2020, Daniel started a new post-doc for the Institute for History & Ethics of Medicine at the Technical University of Munich (working under Prof. Alena Buyx, chair of the German Ethics Council).

He is currently working on a project called "Responsible Robotics," where he's trying to "embed" ethics into development teams working on AI and robotics. He is publishing mainly on tech-ethics and bioethics; some recent journals are "Bioethics, the Journal of Medical Ethics, Philosophy & Technology," and "AI & Society."

In the summers, he also teaches for the Sherwin B. Nuland Summer Institute in Bioethics at Yale.

Daniel writes,

"In non-work news, I met my wife at Tulane. She's an economist from Austria; she studied international development. Also, when I was in New Orleans (2013-17), I sang in a barbershop quartet; we often roamed the French Quarter, entertaining tourists."

This update was published in October 2020.