Department of Sociology

Derron Wallace

Associate Professor of Sociology and Education

Jacob S. Potofsky Chair in Sociology

Derron Wallace

Derron Wallace is a sociologist of race, ethnicity and education. He specializes in cross-national studies of structural and cultural inequalities in urban schools across global cities, focusing specifically on the experiences of young people of African descent. His current research examines the educational outcomes of Black youth in London and New York City.

Derron is a Phi Beta Kappa and summa cum laude graduate of Wheaton College (Massachusetts), where he studied sociology and the African diaspora. He earned his PhD at the University of Cambridge, where he was a Marshall and Gates Cambridge Scholar.

With wide-ranging experiences in educational activism, analysis, policy and research, Derron has worked with nomads in Ethiopia, young people with disabilities in Rwanda, immigrant youth in London, economically disadvantaged rural youth in Jamaica, English language learners in Thailand and gifted students in New York City. He served as Special Assistant to the Minister of Education in Rwanda. He also worked as a professional community organizer and consultant with local educational authorities in London.


  • PhD, University of Cambridge

  • MPhil, University of Cambridge

  • BA, Wheaton College

Awards and Honors

  • Derron Wallace was named the Jacob S. Potofsky Chair in Sociology (2023). This appointment recognizes outstanding accomplishments as a scholar and a teacher, as well as considerable contributions to the Brandeis community.
  • Mandel Faculty Grant in the Humanities (2021)

  • Joyce Cain Award for Distinguished Research on People of African Descent, Comparative & International Education Society (2019)

  • Kermit H. Perlmutter Fellowship for Research and Teaching Excellence (2018)

  • Outstanding Paper Award, International Studies SIG, American Educational Research Association (2018)

  • Provost Research Award, Brandeis University (2018-19)

  • Stuart Hall Fellowship, W. E. B. Du Bois Research Institute, Hutchins Center for African and African American Research, Harvard University (2018-19)

  • Woodrow Wilson Fellowship, Andrew W. Mellon Foundation (2018)

  • Michael L. Walzer '56 Award for Excellence in Teaching (2017)

  • Marion & Jasper Whiting Fellowship (2016-17)

  • Brenda Meehan Social Justice-in-Action Grant (2015-16)

  • Distinguished Dissertation Award, Division G, American Educational Research Association (2015)

  • Provost's Teaching Innovation Grant (2015-16)

  • Schusterman Foundation Fellowship (2015 -16)

  • Theodore & Jane Norman Funds for Faculty Research (2014-15)


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