Staff Directory

Following is a list of the staff members in the Office of Student Financial Services. Please refer to this list and the last name/groups case-split to determine your financial aid counselor or student accounts representative.

You may call or e-mail the office to speak or to schedule an appointment with your assigned representative.

Phone: 781-736-3700


Linna Ferreira
Sr. Assistant Director of Financial Aid
Caseload: A, B & M Undergraduate Students; GPS, Heller and IBS Graduate Students
Catherine M. Nelson
Director of Financial Aid
Caseload: MKTYP, Undergraduate Undocumented/DACA & International Students
Roza Peretta
Assistant Director of Financial Aid
Caseload: C–G Undergraduate Students
Ashley Carruthers-Grey
Assistant Director of Financial Aid
Caseload: H–L Undergraduate Students
Rachael Otoo
Assistant Director of Financial Aid
Caseload: N–S Undergraduate Students
Amy Herrboldt
Sr. Associate Director of Financial Aid and Compliance Officer
Caseload: T–Z Undergraduate Students
Stacey Jones
Student Financial Services Representative (Student Accounts)
Caseload: A–H
Jennifer Alex
Student Financial Services Representative
Caseload: I-Q
Catherine Healy
Senior Student Account Representative
Caseload: R-Z
Claudia Huntley
Director of Student Accounts and Student Loans
Silva Bedrossian
Associate Director of Student Accounts
Sherri Avery
Assistant Vice President of Student Financial Services
Peter Chan
Application Support Specialist
Kristyn Burke
Manager of Student Employment
Keone Peterson
Assistant Director of Student Services and Financial Literacy
Michelle Adams
Department Coordinator
Kaleigh Ferguson
Coordinator of Student Employment