Nancy Armstrong

Nancy ArmstrongAdjunct Associate Professor of the Practice of Theater Arts


Awards and Honors


Armstrong,Nancy. "The Outermost House" (chorus, chamber orchestra, narrator & soprano). Ronald Perera, 2003.

Armstrong,Nancy. L'Akkegro" (Handell). Boston Baroque, Arabesque, 2003.

Armstrong,Nancy. Performance: 1977-1985 Boston Camerata Soprano Soloist. 2003.

Armstrong,Nancy. Premiers: "Now I Become Myself" (Men's chorus & soprano). Libby Larson, 2003.

Armstrong,Nancy. Recordings: 1991 "Mass in C Minor" (Mozart), Andrew Parrott (conductor),. Denon, 2003.

Armstrong,Nancy. With Boston Camerata: Erato, Harmonia Mundi, Nonesuch. Ventadorn labels, 2003.

Armstrong,Nancy. Songs of Virgil THomson", Anthony Tommasini (pianist). Northeastern, 1996.

Armstrong,Nancy. Festival Valtice, Czech Republic. 1994.