Brandeis has transitioned from PeopleSoft to Workday for the billing of events. Department IDs no longer exist and they have been replaced with cost centers. For more information, please review the Workday Cost Center information.

Cost Centers

All items on your event reservation are billed using the cost center provided when you returned the signed reservation form to our office for confirmation. University Events does not have access to each department's cost center. You should contact your director or manager to access this information. Please be aware our office is not able to accept P-Cards as a form of payment for events. Cost centers must be provided for all department events with charges.

You can use different cost centers to cover different portions of your event. If you are using multiple cost centers for the same event, each cost center used is only able to pay for a specific section of the invoice (i.e., all A/V resources can be billed to one cost center, all food items can be billed to one cost center, all rental equipment can be billed to one cost center).


Please note the total amount listed on your event invoice is an estimate. This estimate may change if edits occur to your event after it has been confirmed. It is best practice to keep a copy of your events reservation and track changes to reconcile charges that post to your budget report.

University Events office does not send out revised invoices after an event has been confirmed. An event is considered confirmed when our office receives a cost center and signature for the event.

If you have any questions about billing as it relates to food charges, sign charges or lodge charges, please contact your Event Specialist.