University Events

Food and Beverage

A tray of chocolate muffins with blue and white frosting


Whether you are looking to host a banquet for 150 of your closest friends or arrange a pickup for your group's own barbeque, Brandeis Hospitality can accommodate your needs.

In addition to food and beverage, Brandeis Hospitality can also provide tablecloths, cakes (both kosher and non-kosher) and a variety of other services.

  • Visit the Brandeis Hospitality website for current catering menus and pricing.
  • Recognized student groups can order from the Shoestring menu which offers discounted prices for student organizations only.
  • Non-kosher food orders must be placed at least seven business days before your event to avoid late fees.
  • Kosher food orders must be placed 10 business days before your event to ensure product availability.

Alcohol Policy

Clubs wishing to host events with alcohol must adhere to specific guidelines as stated in Section 5 of the Rights and Responsibilities Handbook. In addition to these guidelines, clubs must attend an Event Support Meeting at least eight weeks before the event. Please note that all alcohol beverages must be provided by Dining Services.

In addition, Dining Services upholds a carding policy for every campus event where alcohol is present. Dining Services staff are TIPS certified and committed to serving alcohol safely.