University Events

Room Setup and Equipment Rentals

When hosting an event on campus, there may be charges associated with booking rooms and room setup.

Some common event expenses include:

For room setups and capacities, please see our space specifications.

Please note: 

- No fireworks, pyrotechnics, smoke machines, or bubble machines are allowed - these could set off fire alarms or cause trip hazards.

- No use of materials that could cause damage to walls/ceilings (ie nails, screws, tacks).

- Any adhesive used on walls/ceilings MUST be fully removed. If any paint/plaster is damaged when removed, your club/org may be charged to fix the damage.

- Ceiling tiles cannot be removed. The ceiling tile suspension system should not be bent or destroyed.
If anything is hung from it and it bends/breaks/ruins it in any way, they must pay for the replacement of the complete room suspension ceiling

- Doors, windows, or any form of egress cannot be blocked.