J.V. Cunningham Awards

The J.V. Cunningham Awards for Excellence in College Writing are open to all Brandeis undergraduates for superbly written papers judged to be outstanding in formal content, substantive strength and originality. Each professor or instructor may nominate one paper from a Brandeis course (excluding senior thesis), up to 20 pages in length.

Congratulations, 2019-20 Winners!
Fine Arts

Ashley Young '22
"The Culmination of a Lifetime of Work: An Analysis of the Artistic Interests Influencing Mary Cassatt's 'Modern Woman.'"
Nominated by Professor Nancy Scott, Department of Fine Arts.

Foreign Languages

Ruby Carlon '20
"Donald Trump y la destitución."
Nominated by Christina Pérez Arranz, Lecturer in Hispanic Studies, Department of Romance Studies.


Caroline Greaney '21
"The Outsiders and the Outside World: Exploring Identities Through Nature in 'Delta Wedding.'"
Nominated by Professor John Burt, Department of English.

Social Sciences and Sciences

Jac Guerra '22
"Gender Identity and Eating Disorders: Exploring the Convergence of the Transgender Identity and Disordered Eating."
Nominated by Sarah Lupis, Lecturer in Psychology.

Milena Jeffers '20
"Commodified Bodies and Commercialized Reproduction: Preserving the Global Racial Hierarchy Through Transnational Ova Trade."
Nominated by Professor Siri Suh, Department of Sociology.

Past Winners