University Writing Program

J.V. Cunningham Awards

The J.V. Cunningham Awards for Excellence in College Writing are open to all Brandeis undergraduates for superbly written papers judged to be outstanding in formal content, substantive strength and originality. Each professor or instructor may nominate a paper from a Brandeis course, excluding senior thesis, up to 20 pages in length.

Next deadline: May 9, 2023.

Congratulations, 2021-22 Winners!

Eric Blum
“Linguistics, Physics, and Science in ‘Story of Your Life’ and Arrival
Nominated by Professor John Plotz, Department of English

Caelen Hilty
“On Trial: Surveillance as Epidermalization and the Ahmaud Arbery Case”
Nominated by Dr. Patrick Kindig, University Writing Program

Savannah Jackson 
“‘Story of Your Life': Future-Memories as a Science Fictional Form of Catharsis"
Nominated by Professor John Plotz, Department of English

Social Sciences and Sciences

Claire Hou
“Amy Tan: Unintended Activist” 
Nominated by Professor Karen V. Hansen, Department of Sociology

Mia Plante
“LGBTQ+ Rights in Russia From the Pre-Soviet Era to Today”
Nominated by Professor Steven Wilson, Department of Politics

Past Winners