CGA Reflection Prompt

As we’ve learned over the past week, scholars from various disciplines make different choices when writing. These choices aren’t random, but reflect what people value in their writing. For example, evidence relies on the type of information that makes up a discipline. In science, this evidence is empirical papers and data; in history, evidence includes a range of primary sources (e.g., newspapers, zines, interviews, and other archived documents, etc.); in English, evidence may come from a single poem or novel. Having an awareness of how different genres approach writing will help you better understand what you read. It will also help you have more awareness of your own writing in the future.

Please contemplate writing across the disciplines in an approximately 1-page, single spaced reflection. In your reflection, please consider the following questions (or anything else that feels important to you regarding CGA):

  • What do you think is most important for scholars to consider when deciding how to present their ideas in their writing?
  • In what ways has the CGA exercise made you more aware of disciplinary differences in writing?
  • Given that we have only examined four disciplines in our analysis, how will you approach writing in other disciplines (e.g., psychology, business, economics, etc.) in the future? This could be writing in a class, for your senior thesis, or even in a future job.
  • What questions will you want to ask in future classes so that your work reflects the expectations of that discipline?


Due:  _______________________________  (LATTE)