Grading Percentages

Researched Essay: 40%
Lens Essay: 25%
Writing Community Membership: 20% (Attendance & Engagement breakdown below) 
Research Proposal: 5%
Portfolio (Pre-Drafts, Peer Letters, Reflective Cover Letter): 10%


* Attendance

Your experience in our UWS writing community relies on collective attendance. Studies show that academic student success is highly correlated to attendance. One of the benefits of the UWS is its small class size, and this benefit is best realized when everybody regularly attends. That said, you are permitted to miss up to [fill in the blank with one of the statements below]

5 classes [if your class meets twice a week] 

3 classes [if your class meets twice a week] 

There is no distinction between excused and unexcused absences. Each additional absence beyond those permitted will lower your Attendance grade by one full letter grade. For example, [fill in the blank with one of the statements below]

if you miss 6 classes you’d earn a B [if your class meets three times a week]

if you miss 4 classes you’d earn a B [if your class meets twice a week]

If you miss a class, it is your responsibility to get the assignments, class notes, and course changes from a classmate. It is also your responsibility to keep track of and complete the missing work. 


  • In-Class Engagement: 5%
  • Pre-Class Engagement (LATTE posts, Critical Conversation, Experiential Learning Opportunity): 5%

You are a valued and integral part of our writing community and, as such, have important responsibilities to our class regarding on-time arrival and consistent participation. Your primary obligation is social in nature: your commitment is to our course community and to making it work well. Thus, you are expected to contribute to a community atmosphere that promotes a supportive exchange of insights and ideas.

Before class, complete and puzzle over assigned reading and/or viewing and finish all homework and/or other assignments. Since much of our class time will be spent in class activities and workshops, your preparation is critical both to your success and the success of others.

While in class, (1) volunteer meaningful comments and contribute to small group discussions to move discussions forward, (2) listen actively, (3) give useful and thoughtful input to members of our writing community, and (4) welcome all community members to share, learn, think, and grow.

Each of you has something exceptional to contribute, and we look forward to learning from you