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Health: Science, Society and Policy
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Yuki Wiland '15 spent a semester in Thailand studying public health. Learn more about her experience here.

Yuki Wiland

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Health: Science, Society, and Policy


Class at Lake Budi, Chile (Photo courtesy of SIT)

The Health: Science, Society and Policy (HSSP)
program encourages students to engage in Study Abroad programs.  These programs can expand students' perspectives on heath and health care as well as cultural differences in understandings of health, illness, and well-being.  Many programs offer a health oriented internship and field experience components that engage students in experiential learning and fulfill the HSSP "hands on experience" requirement.  In recent years students has gone to countries like Brazil, Chile, South Africa, Kenya, India, Spain, England, Denmark, Geneva and numerous other countries for their life enriching study abroad experiences.

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1. Can I receive HSSP credit for courses taken overseas?

Yes, you may receive credit for up to two courses, provided that the courses offered by your chosen study abroad program are closely related to HSSP requirements.

2. Is it possible to take one of the "core" HSSP courses abroad?

Generally, students should plan on taking all of their HSSP core courses at Brandeis.  We encourage students to complete their core courses before going abroad, with the possible exception of  HSSP 100b (a course for HSSP Juniors and Seniors only) and HSSP 110a (a course for HSSP Seniors only). 

To date, the only exception to this guideline is for students studying abroad in Denmark through the DIS program.  That program offers an Epidemiology course that, if passed satisfactorily, may substitute HSSP 100b; however, the student would still need to receive permission from the HSSP Undergraduate Advising Head for this substitution prior to leaving for the semester abroad.

3. Is it possible to fulfill the Hands-On Experience (HOE) Requirement on an approved study abroad program?

The HSSP Program offers study abroad options for fulfilling the Hands-On Experience (HOE) Requirement.

Students interested in this option must speak with the HSSP Study Abroad Liaison in the semester prior to the study abroad program.  The program will be reviewed to ensure it meets criteria for a hands-on experience in a health-related field.  Upon completion of the study abroad experience, students must submit a 20-25 page paper to the Study Abroad Liaison.  This paper will be reviewed to ensure programmatic requirements are met.  If met, the Hands-On Experience requirement will be fulfilled. 

Sample of Approved Programs with HSSP Coursework

Visit the Brandeis Approved Programs List to review a comprehensive list of programs that offer HSSP coursework. Click on "Advanced Search" to find programs with internship options.

HSSP Study Abroad Liaison

To assist students with their academic choices abroad and to help answer any questions about receiving major/ minor credit while abroad, each academic department and program has assigned a faculty member to serve as the study abroad liaison. HSSP majors who plan to study abroad should speak with the study abroad liaison before they go abroad, and again once they have returned from study abroad.

The liaison for Health: Science, Society and Policy is Prof. Darren Zinner

Receiving Credit in HSSP

Students will need to seek pre-approval for their desired coursework from the HSSP study abroad liaison if they wish to receive HSSP credit for work done off campus during the academic year. After returning from abroad, those students with pre-approved course work must complete the electronic Petition to Request Substitution for a Requirement form or, if petitioning for Hand On Experience credit, the Substitution Request for HSSP Hands-On-Experience for final approval.

Funding Information

The Alberta Gotthardt and Henry Strage International Scholarship supports students wishing to study abroad in a developing country outside of the U.S., Canada or western Europe.  

Visit the Study Abroad Financial Information page to read more about funding your study abroad experience. 

We welcome your feedback. If you have concerns or are looking for more information on a topic, please let us know!