Important Reminders

Please submit your class schedule for the new semester now.

We need an up-to-date physical (from within the past two years) in our records at all times. Go to the Forms page for a copy of our medical release, or simply call your doctor and have them mail or fax us a note.

All TAs are now required by the state to complete an EEC orientation and to register with the EEC. More information on our Essential Information page.

Brandeis and Lemberg do not always operate on the same schedule - check our 2014-15 calendar for our dates of operation!

TA Meetings

***First TA meeting this year is Tuesday 10/7 from 6:30-8***

  • Meetings are MANDATORY.
  • If you have missed a meeting, or need to schedule a make-up, please contact Karen (
Welcome to the LCC Team

Welcome to the LCC Team

Dear Lemberg Teaching Assistants: Whether you an employee, volunteer or intern, whether are a summer TA or work with us during the school year, we are excited to have you as a part of our team! 

In this site you will find a lot of helpful links and items, including essential information and forms that are required to complete your orientation and hire process at Lemberg. Also see information about absences and finding subs. If you haven't already, please make sure that you submit your class schedule for the new semester ASAP. Please contact the office if you have questions about any of the items on this site.

Looking for Employment?

Are you a Brandeis student or community member looking for employment, volunteer experience, or an internship with Lemberg? Please see our Work With Us page under Contact Us!