Seth Fraden

seth fradenProfessor of Physics


PhD, Brandeis University, 1987


Our group studies a broad range of topics in Soft Matter. We utilize a variety of methods and approaches covering experiment, theory and simulation. Our research interests lie squarely in the intersection of physics, chemistry, biology and materials science. Our lab is interdisciplinary, but we are also involved in several multi-investigator projects. Current areas of interest are active matter, coupled non-linear chemical oscillators, protein crystallization, microfluidics, colloidal liquid crystals, DNA - colloid self-assembly and DNA origami.

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Recent PhD Students

Zahra Zarei (2023)

Ian Hunter (2021)

Maria Eleni Moustaka (2021)

James Sheehy (2021)

Ali Aghvami (2020)

Camille Girabawe (2017) “Synchronization In Pairs of Chemical Oscillators”
Present position: Analyst, Data Analytics. Boston, MA

Achini Opathalage (2016) “X-ray Transparent Microfluidics for Protein Crystallization and Biomeneralization”
Present Position: Postdoctoral Fellow, Brandeis University, Waltham, MA

Nate Tompkins (2015) “Synchronization Dynamics of Coupled Chemical Oscillators”
Present Position: Assistant Director of Education, Outreach and Diversity, MRSEC

Ning Li (2015) “Nonlinear Chemical Dynamics and Synchronization”
Present Position: Research Scientist, GNS Healthcare, Cambridge, MA

"Microfluidic Tools to Investigate Protein Crystallization"
Michael Heymann (2014).
Present position: Postdoc, Max Planck Institut for Biochemistry, Germany

Rafael A. Cabanas (2014)
Present Position: Assistant Professor, Bunker Hill Community College

Sathish Akella (2014) “Characterizing Protein Crystal Nucleation”
Present Position: Postdoctoral Fellow, Okinawa Inste of Technology, Japan

Šeila Selimović (2010) “Microfluidics for Protein Crystallization and Mapping Phase Diagrams of Aqueous Solutions”
Present Position: AAAS Science and Technology Policy Fellow in Washington, DC, working on science diplomacy issues relating to energy security and sustainability.

Sample of Recent Publications