Michael Hagan

Michael HaganProfessor of Physics


PhD, University of California, Berkeley, 2003


Michael Hagan's lab endeavors to understand how fundamental physical principles lead to the forces that control assembly and dynamic pattern formation in biological and biomimetic systems. Because assembling structures can be orders of magnitude larger than the individual components, his lab develops and applies computational and theoretical methods that bridge disparate length and time scales. Applications of these methods include identifying assembly mechanisms for viral capsids and other large protein complexes, and understanding the emergent behaviors that occur in nonequilibrium active matter systems.

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Wood, DA; Zuraw-Weston, S; Torres, IK; Lee, YW; Wang, LS; Jiang, Z; Lázaro, GR; Wang, SY; Rodal, AA; Hagan, MF; Rotello, VR; Dinsmore, AD; "Nanoparticles Binding To Lipid Membranes: from Vesicle-Based Gels to Vesicle Inversion and Destruction", (submitted).

Lázaro, GR; Dragnea, B; Hagan, MF,  “Self-assembly of convex particles on spherocylindrical surfaces”, Soft Matter.

Zeng, C; Lázaro, GR; Tsvetkova, I; Hagan, MF*; Dragnea, B*, “Defects and Chirvality in the Nanoparticle-Directed Assembly of Spherocylindrical Shells of Virus Coat Proteins”, ACS Nano.

Lázaro, GR; Mukhopadhyay, S; Hagan, MF, “The contribution of a nucleocapsid core to viral budding”, Biophys. J. 114, 619-630.

Norton, MM; Baskaran, A; Opathalage, A; Langeslay, B; Fraden, S; Baskaran, A; Hagan, MF "Dynamics of an active nematic under topologically incommensurate confinement", Phys. Rev. E, 97, 012702 (2018).


Joshi, A; Putzig, E; Baskaran, A*; Hagan, MF*, “The interplay between activity and filament flexibility determines the emergent properties of active nematics”, under review.

Michaels, TCT; Bellaiche, MMJ; Hagan, MF; Knowles, TPJ, "Kinetic constraints on the self-assembly of building blocks into closed supramolecular structures", Sci. Reports 7, 12295 (2017).

Sakhardande, R., Stanojeviea, S., Baskaran, A., Baskaran, A., Hagan, M. F.,  Chakraborty, B., "Theory of microphase separation in bidisperse chiral membranes" Phys. Rev. E 96, 012704 (2017).

Fily, Y; Baskaran, A; Hagan, MF, “Equilibrium mappings in polar-isotropic confined active particles”, Eur. Phys. J. E 40, 61 (2017). 

Wagner, CG; Hagan, MF; Baskaran, A, “Steady-state distributions of ideal active Brownian particles under confinement and forcing” J. Stat. Mech., in press (2017).

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