The Department of Student Rights and Community Standards offers students educational opportunities for personal growth and values clarification.  Our aim is to educate the campus about issues central to the mission of the institution, and to react to inappropriate behavior in a fair and responsive manner.  The DSRCS staff provides education and outreach efforts regarding alcohol and other drug use, student involvement on campus, and leadership development.

The Student Conduct Process is based on established expectations and standards of behavior at Brandeis as described in Rights and Responsibilities, and also relies on a peer judgment model.  At the heart of this process is the Student Conduct Board a panel of students, faculty, and staff that hears select cases of alleged student misconduct.

Rights and Responsibilities Feedback

Our student code is a community-composed document.  We seek your opinions, ideas, concerns, and feedback.  Are you confused about academic integrity expectations?  Have an idea about how drug and alcohol use can be addressed?  Is there a missing policy?  Is it your position that an existing policy ought to be rewritten entirely?

Examine Rights and Responsibilities and complete the 'feedback form' to have your voice heard by the department. For further questions or feedback, please email dsrcs@brandeis.edu