School of Arts and Sciences

Mentoring and Professional Development

All faculty, no matter their discipline or career stage, deserve to have access to quality mentoring.

The School of Arts and Sciences has made a special commitment to this precept by initiating a comprehensive plan to provide A&S faculty with a range of mentoring resources. While our initial focus is on serving pretenure faculty in the social sciences, humanities and creative arts, in the coming years our efforts will expand to the sciences and to offering mentoring resources to senior faculty across the school.

The Faculty Mentorship Program (FMP) is a permanent program that provides pretenure faculty with dedicated mentors and access to other professional development resources that will foster their success and well-being here at Brandeis.

Individuals from across the School of Arts and Sciences participate in the FMP as follows:

  • Departmental Mentors are assigned by the dean with departmental input from other faculty members in that department or program.
  • Senior Mentor is assigned from the FMP for each pretenure faculty member. For the Division of Science, the Senior Mentor is assigned by the Division Council.
  • Peer Mentors may also be requested by new faculty, and will be assigned from outside of your home department or program.
  • The Senior Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs serves as the Director of Faculty Mentoring. The Senior Associate Dean assists in scheduling workshops, hosting monthly lunch meetings, and is available for consultation.
  • As part of their responsibilities, Chairs of each Department/Program serve as additional mentoring resources for junior faculty within their department or program.

Internal Faculty Resources

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