Website Styles

As noted on Typefaces (Fonts), the sans serif typeface for Brandeis University websites is Whitney ScreenSmart. Please contact us for access to Whitney ScreenSmart.

The serif typeface for websites is Merriweather, which can be downloaded from the Google Fonts website.

Heading Styles

Headings use Whitney ScreenSmart in #2f2f2f when not linked and #003478 when linked. The rem sizes below are for the largest screen size.

Sample Heading 1

Sample Heading 2

Sample Heading 3

Sample Heading 4

Sample Heading 5
Sample Heading 6

Body Text

Body (paragraph) text should be Merriweather. The line height should accommodate body link underlines. Here is a sample body link followed by more body text. You can see that the line of text underneath the link is not crowded against the underline treatment.

Emphasis Body Text

You can create an additional text style using Whitney ScreenSmart in bold weight (600) to make some body text stand out. This is useful for introductory page text. Here is a sample link.

Link Styles

Text links are Brandeis blue (#003478). Links within paragraphs of text (body links) must be distinguishable by more than just the blue link color. They should be in bold weight (600) and underlined with a hover color of #0b7886. Here is a sample body link.

Button Styles

Default Button

Text Button

List Styles


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Table Styles

Column Header 1 Column Header 2 Column Header 3
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Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur. Consequatur dolorum eligendi voluptatibus itaque et! Nesciunt labore fugit iure rem adipisci.
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