Office of Marketing and Communications

Commercial Film and Video Production Guidelines

Thank you for your interest in Brandeis University as a possible film or video location. The purpose of these guidelines is to outline and simplify the process of planning and executing such a production.

The University’s Office of Communications is responsible for all arrangements pertaining to commercial productions on campus. Please direct all requests to the Director of Media Relations or the Senior Vice President for Communications, rather than to individual departments.

Before a project can be confirmed, you should send the following to the Director of Media Relations:

  • A written letter of request
  • A full script or story board, if possible, or a general outline of the production
  • A list of locations and dates involved, and
  • Any special requests or needs.

Confirmation comes after a review by the film review committee (made up of affected units within the university) and is dependent upon availability of desired location, parking and security, and the schedule of university classes and events.

A production is confirmed only when a contract has been signed. An insurance certificate and a signed contract are due at least two weeks prior to the beginning of the production. It is the responsibility of the Office of Communications to protect the interests of the university, students, staff and faculty as well as to honor its commitment to you and make your project as productive as possible.

Specific Requirements