Broadcast Email Procedures

The Brandeis University Broadcast Email system is a tool for disseminating messages through email. Broadcast emails are not authorized except as described herein.

The Broadcast Email System does not replace individual, school, or departmental address lists or mailing lists. These other methods are more appropriate for most announcements. The Broadcast Email System should only be used when a more limited mailing is not appropriate.

Purpose of These Procedures

This policy serves three purposes:

  1. identifying who may request and use the Broadcast Email System
  2. addressing the appropriate purposes of the Broadcast Email System
  3. explaining the approval and scheduling process for broadcast emails.

Limitations of the System

The Broadcast Email System is available for the sending of messages that relate to university work or university information that is informational, urgent or a formal notice to the campus, other than events. Events should be posted to the campus calendar. (Only university-wide events sponsored by the president's office are authorized for broadcast emails.) Most emails are more appropriate for department listservs.

Who Can Use the System?

The Broadcast Email System is available to any university unit (department, office, center, etc.) or recognized university organization. No emails will be sent without approval.

Approval of Messages/Requests

  • Student-related messages are approved by the Vice Provost of Student Affairs or his/her designated representative.
  • Employee-related messages are approved by the Executive Vice President for Finance and Administration or his/her designated representative.
  • Faculty-related messages are approved by the Provost or his/her designated representative. 
  • Messages to the entire University community must be approved by the Senior Vice President for Communications, Marketing and External Relations in collaboration with the Vice Provost of Student Affairs, the Executive Vice President for Finance and Administration and the Provost or their respective designated representatives.

Required Message Format

  1. A University unit or recognized organization requesting a broadcast email must supply a valid email address for the From email address. The From address must be a valid email address in the domain.
  2. No attachments are allowed in broadcast email messages. Messages should be brief. The message may refer to a web page with more detailed information.

Message Classification within the Broadcast Email System

There are three classes of broadcast email: Urgent, Formal Notice and Informational. The class of the message affects both the audience and the distribution schedule. The subject line of the message will indicate the selected class. Either URGENT:, FORMAL NOTICE:, or INFORMATIONAL: will appear as the prefix in the subject line according to the message classification.


In making its Broadcast Email Service available for use under this policy to persons or groups other than University administrative units, the University assumes no obligation or responsibility for the activities of the person or group. Further, the University reminds all broadcast email requesters to be aware of and comply with University policies and applicable laws, including those concerning safety, libel, slander, defamation, and obscenity.


A person whose request to use the Broadcast Email System is not approved may appeal that decision to the Executive Vice President for Finance and Administration and the Provost. All decisions shall be rendered promptly.

Updated Sept. 11, 2019