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More information is available at the Promoting Your Events section of the Office of Communications website.

Event Promotion

The Office of Communications can help you promote your events in print, on the web and via social media.

Who We Are

  • Anne Meade, Digital Content Specialist, Digital Communications (for Campus Calendar assistance).

  • Allie Morse, Assistant Director for Social Media Strategy, Digital Communications (for social media assistance).

  • Jess Quirk, Production Manager, Integrated Design (for print collateral assistance).

What We Do

  • Help promote your events in print, on the web and via social media.

  • Provide strategic support and guidance for promoting your events.

  • Manage the Brandeis Campus Calendar.

How to Reach Us

  • Email calendar@brandeis.edu with questions about the Campus Calendar.

  • Contact one of the staff listed above directly with other questions.

Three Things to Remember

  • Coordination before communication. Before beginning any promotional efforts, you should contact University Events for assistance with your event planning needs.

  • Don't forget student media. The Justice and The Hoot have wide readership among not only students, but also faculty and staff.

  • Keep the "current" in current events. Don't let old events languish on your website. Keep your information up to date.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Can the Office of Communications help me create a poster, program, email header or other promotional materials?

Our Integrated Design team is available to consult with you about your project. To start the process, please complete an Integrated Design project request form. In some instances, we may be able to create your materials ourselves, and if not, we can guide you to other resources, such as design templates and tutorials or the assistance of freelancer vendors. There are no extra charges when collaborating with Integrated Design for copyediting, writing and design. When working with freelancers, additional fees will apply and vary depending upon the scope of the project; you should request an estimate for possible costs directly from the vendor.

How do I request photographic coverage of an event?

Anyone producing or sponsoring an event that might merit photographic coverage should complete the Request for Photo Coverage form. Decisions about which events to cover are made by the Office of Communications based on the uniqueness and newsworthiness of the event and the potential it presents for striking Brandeis images that can be used to support the university's broader communications and marketing efforts. The earlier we know about your event the better. If we cannot photograph your event, we can help you select a freelancer at your own expense. We suggest you contact them at least two weeks before your event.

Are there best practices for sharing information about my event or initiative on my website?

Include all relevant information: event title, date/time, location, speaker bio/link and a brief, engaging description. This information is the most accessible (and searchable) when it is text on a web page; you do not need to post a PDF or image of a poster/invitation. Providing an interesting title and background information on the speaker/performer will help generate interest as well. Check out a few examples we've compiled.

How do I submit an event to the events calendar on the Brandeis website?

Once your event location is reserved and details of the event are confirmed, submit a calendar request via our online event submission form. Your request should be made at least two weeks — but no less than five business days — prior to the event. Please note: an event being published to the calendar does not reserve the location. Review the other Campus Calendar Policy and Procedures.

What is a "featured event"? How do I make my event a featured event?

Featured events are listed on BrandeisNOW, in the BrandeisNOW newsletter and on the Brandeis homepage. Decisions about which events are listed as featured events are made by the Office of Communications. Featured events tend to be large-scale events that are of interest to a large section of the Brandeis community (and/or the general public), events on timely topics or events with high-profile speakers. 

Can I send a broadcast campus email about my event?

As a rule, no. The university's broadcast email system only promotes events sponsored by the Office of the President. Instead, we recommend using your individual school or department address lists, mailing lists, social media channel or listservs to publicize your events.

Will the Office of Communications promote my event on Brandeis social media channels? Do you have advice for the best way for me to promote the event of my own social media channels?

The main Brandeis University social media channels reach a broad array of audiences. While event promotion is not a core part of our social communications, we offer a few ways to help elevate your events to a broader audience and drive traffic back to your social media channels. You can share event information with us for inclusion in our weekly Instagram stories on Sunday evenings, to potentially partner with us for Instagram takeovers or to create Facebook events. Please email Allie Morse to share event information as early as possible or if you have questions.

We offer several tips for promoting events on your own social media challenges. Here are a few:

  • Create a Facebook event and invite faculty, student leaders and participants to join the event and share with their peers.

  • Design appropriately sized and high-contrast graphics. Canva offers both free and paid versions of their cloud-based graphic-editing program that is easy to use.

  • Use #Brandeis on Twitter and Instagram, and make sure to geotag @BrandeisUniversity on Instagram.

  • Share more than once in different ways. Don't be afraid to remind your audiences about upcoming events!

  • Partner with cosponsors or other departments on campus to reach out to their audiences on social media.

I’d like to share information about my event with local and campus media. How can I do that? What is the time frame for notifying local media?

We encourage you to promote your events with campus and local media. On campus, touch base with The Justice and The Brandeis Hoot; both publications publicize events and accept event advertising. To cast a wider net, consider promoting events that are open to the public on Boston.com and Waltham wickedlocal.com, the online face of the Waltham News Tribune. Each outlet sets its own deadlines. But as a rule, try to submit your information at least two to three weeks prior to the event.

Will the Office of Communications cover my event for BrandeisNOW? Who should I contact?

BrandeisNOW determines its event coverage on a case-by-case basis. If you believe your event is of interest to a wide audience and highlights the strengths of the university, email news@brandeis.edu at least a week prior to the event.

What is the best way to share news of my event with the student newspapers?

The Brandeis Hoot

The Justice

Who do I inform if I need to cancel an event?

If you cancel and event for any reason, notify all of the media outlets you initially contacted to promote the event, including calendar@brandeis.edu. Cancellation requests to the Brandeis Campus Calendar will be processed within 24 hours, whenever possible.

Who do I contact with event-related questions?
  • Email calendar@brandeis.edu with questions about the Campus Calendar.

  • Contact one of the staff listed above directly with other questions.