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More information is available at the Branding and Identity Guidelines website.


Brandeis, like most colleges and universities, is a complex organization. With our numerous departments, offices, clubs, courses and centers, we are much more than a single thing or an individual experience. Collectively, we share countless messages and images about Brandeis with those on campus and around the world. Our brand platform is how we keep the university's communications connected, consistent and clear. It is also the framework that helps differentiate us from other institutions, serving as the foundation upon which we develop external communications and awareness-building campaigns to engage our target audiences.

Who We Are

What We Do

  • Oversee the university's brand narrative (messaging framework) and visual identity system (look and feel of our print and digital communications).

  • Publish usage guidelines, or style guide, that govern how the brand should be employed.

  • Consult with faculty, staff and other university partners on how they can communicate their unique work and initiatives through our brand lens.

How to Reach Us

Three Things to Remember

  • Our brand is more than a logo. It refers to what we want Brandeis to be known for in the minds of our audiences, and it should be an authentic reflection of who and what we are. Our brand is represented in the stories we tell about the university, the experiences (both good and bad) we create for our community members, and yes, it features a set of official logos, fonts and colors, too.

  • Our brand is distinctive. Brandeis' brand narrative focuses on our distinctive history (founding by the American Jewish community) and our commitment to the values of a reverence for learning, critical thinking and using one’s talents to repair the world. And, because Brandeis is smaller than other research universities, it is marked by a particular connectivity that you don’t find elsewhere.

  • Adhering to the Brandeis brand helps all of us. When you highlight messages from our brand narrative or use our official presentation templates, you are reinforcing the university’s image with our audiences. We appreciate your partnership on this team effort!

Frequently Asked Questions

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What are the guidelines for using the university logo on my materials?

General usage guidelines include:

  • The Brandeis University logo or sub-brand logo should appear on all print and digital communications that are primarily directed to external audiences. Do not use both logos on the same piece.

  • The Brandeis University logo or sub-brand logo should always be presented in one color — usually black, Brandeis blue (PMS 294) or white (when reversed out of a background).

  • Do not manipulate or distort the Brandeis logo or any of its variants — for example, by stretching or compressing it.
Do I have access to the university seal?

The university seal is available at the Downloads page of the Branding and Identity Guidelines website. Please familiarize yourself with the guidelines for using the seal before downloading the image.

Where can I access Brandeis logo files?

The logo — and many other files that comprise Brandeis' visual identity system — can be found at the Downloads page of the Branding and Identity Guidelines website.

How should I use the brand guidelines for broadcast email and social media?

Broadcast email branding guidelines can be found on the Visual Identity System page of the Branding and Identity Guidelines website. Social media branding guidelines are available on the Branding page of the Social Media website. 

Is there a Brandeis-branded PowerPoint template? What about Brandeis Zoom backgrounds?

PowerPoint templates and Zoom backgrounds can both be found at the Downloads page of the Branding and Identity Guidelines website.

I really like the “secondary” logo treatment for units like the School of Arts and Sciences. Can the Office of Communications design a secondary logo for my department, program or initiative?

As a rule, no. The majority of Brandeis units, including academic departments and administrative offices, do not have a sub-brand logo. This is by design, as it is important for the university to present itself as one institution, rather than a collection of separate entities. Instead, departments and offices should use the main Brandeis logo and place their unit name elsewhere on the material in one of the official Brandeis typefaces.

My department, program or initiative has an established logo that is very different from the university’s visual identity. Can I continue to use it?

The logo system is intended to visually tie Brandeis' many areas together and, as such, we expect that you will use only the official Brandeis logo or sub-unit/tertiary unit logos moving forward. That being said, the visual identity system is flexible — you can design pieces creatively and using unique styles while still working within the usage guidelines. Contact the Office of Communications with any questions.

How do I order Brandeis stationery and business cards?

Stationery and business cards can be ordered by authorized personnel from the university's preferred vendor, The Fenway Group, via the Stationery Portal (UNet login req.) on the Branding and Identity Guidelines website.