Photography and Videography Policy


The Office of Communications provides photographic coverage of noteworthy events taking place on the Brandeis campus. Because of the large number of campus events, we can photograph only a select number.

In general, the office does not photograph internal department activities, awards ceremonies, faculty receptions or parties.

Decisions about which events to cover will be made solely by the Office of Communications, and will be based on the uniqueness and newsworthiness of the event and the potential an event presents for striking Brandeis images that can be used to support the university’s broader communications and marketing efforts.

We encourage anyone producing or sponsoring an event that might merit photographic coverage to complete the Photo Proposal form. The earlier we know about your event the better.

If we cannot photograph your event, we can help you select a freelancer at your own expense. The freelance photographers we use have agreed to provide services at special Brandeis rates. We suggest you contact them at least two weeks before your event.

If time allows, we also provide occasional photographic services to individual faculty and staff members who need quality portraits or headshots, or to departments that may require group shots for university-related marketing and communications purposes. We appreciate as much advance notice as possible when scheduling these sessions; two weeks is ideal. We will provide the subject(s) with a copy of the digital image for departmental and personal use. We do not provide photographic printing services.


The Office of Communications produces videos that feature events and activities on campus of special interest or newsworthiness. These videos are intended to show and promote Brandeis — its scholarship, its commitment to the arts, its diversity and its rich campus life.

Decisions about which events, activities or programs are recorded will be made solely by the office, and will be based on the nature of the event, its visual qualities and its connection to the university’s broad communications strategy.

We do not produce internal departmental videos, recordings of campus lectures, or promotional videos for organizations on campus.

If you wish to have a lecture, conference, symposium or other university event recorded for internal use to your school, department, institute or other entity, you may contact Media Technology Services. This group provides high-quality recording capabilities and facilities across campus.

Policy effective as of July 1, 2010