Register for Courses

If you have any questions about the registration process, contact us for more information. See our Student Handbook for more information on waitlists, adding or dropping courses and other policies.


Follow the steps below to register for your GPS course(s). We recommend printing this page so that you can follow these instructions after logging in.

Step 1: Register for Classes.

Find Course Sections

  1. From your Workday homescreen, select the Academics worklet from the applications menu.
  2. Select Find Course Sections from the Planning & Registration menu. The Find Course Sections link allows you to refine your search by academic period.
    If you choose Find Courses, you will not be able to search by Academic Period. You will only be able to filter by academic level, course tags, instructional formats, and subject.
  3. Choose the Academic Period from Start Date Within. Please search with GPS as the prefix for all academic terms.
  4. Choose the Academic Level of the classes you'd like to take. You can choose more than one level.
  5. Click the orange OK button.

Search Options

  1. Search by typing the name of a course OR by selecting options:
    1. Click Save after selecting options to save your search for future use.
    2. Search by Academic Level.
    3. Course tags refers to key words defined by Brandeis.
    4. Choose an Instructional Format.
    5. Select a Subject.
  2. Select the course from the Results.
  3. Click Add to Schedule.
  4. Select an existing Schedule or Create Schedule for Registration.
    • You will need to create a schedule if one does not exist. Proceed to Create Schedule for Registration below.
    • If you select an existing schedule, skip to Choose Your Course Times.

Create Schedule for Registration

  1. Select your Academic Record.
  2. Choose an Academic Period.
  3. Enter a Schedule Name.
  4. Click OK.

Choose Your Course Times

  1. Click the Choose Times button.
  2. Select a course by checking the box next to a section.
  3. Select "graded" as the Grading Basis.
  4. Click OK.
  5. Click Done.
Step 3: Submit a Payment.
  • Log in to Workday using your Brandeis email account.
  • Select the "Student Account" worklet under applications.
  • In the bottom right box under "Important Links," select "Nelnet student account portal - GPS only".
  • This will bring you to the Nelnet student account center, where you can make a payment by selecting the "make a payment" button".