Essay Contest

Congratulations to the winners of the 2018 Annual National Post-Secondary Russian Essay Contest organized by the American Councils of Teachers of Russian! In this year’s contest, there were 1,291 essays submitted from 60 universities, colleges, and institutions across the nation. Three judges in Moscow read each essay and independently ranked them. This year’s topic was “My city. / Мой город.”  Twenty Brandeis Students participated in the essay, and three were received medals and honorary mentions.

Category: Heritage Speakers

Students who were born to Russian speaking families and received most or all of their education in English. These students did not have any formal instruction in Russian before college.

Level 3

Heritage learners who have had fewer than 60 contact hours of instruction in college.

Honorable Mention

  • Elise Shuba ’21

Level 5

Students who attended school for five or more years in Russia or the former Soviet Union and have not had to relearn reading and writing skills in immigration.

Silver Medal

  • Yan Shneyderman ’18

Honorable Mention

  • Maria Shaposhnikova ’18

6th Brandeis International First-Year Video Festival "Language Oscars" Russian Studies Video

Title: Это сложно объяснить / It’s complicated

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  • Emma Belkin ‘21

  • Nate Rtishchev ‘21

  • Staci Weeks ‘21

Instructors: Irina Dubinina, Curt Woolhiser, Katerina Rudykh