Russian Studies Program

Bachelor of Arts in Russian Studies

If you are intellectually curious and want to appreciate the language, culture and history of Russia and the former Soviet Union, a Russian Studies degree is for you. You can develop this appreciation through Russian-language courses as well as through courses taught in English.

The many courses offered by and beyond our program will enable you to explore a wide variety of cultural, literary, social and political aspects of Russia and other post-Soviet states. We also offer special events such as film series, lectures and Russian teas.

As a scholar in our program, you’ll study the Russian language in its cultural context. You’ll be introduced to literary works as well as fine and performing arts, and you’ll get to know the often unspoken rules for “being Russian,” from gift giving to being a good guest. We want our graduates to develop a deep understanding of the diversity and complexity of human thought and world views, and to apply Russian perspectives to texts and ideas beyond the study of language and literature.

As a graduate of our program, you will be prepared to pursue advanced studies in Russian language or literature as preparation for a career in teaching or research. Or you might pursue an international career, given that major private, state and nonprofit organizations seek employees with an expertise in Russian.

Why Brandeis?

Housed in the Department of Russian, Russian and Asian Languages and Literature, our program is inherently interdisciplinary. You can study Russian through a variety of lenses by taking courses in related Brandeis programs such as European Cultural Studies, Comparative Literature and Culture and International and Global Studies.

We are unusual in that we accommodate the language needs of heritage speakers of Russian. If you grew up in a Russian-speaking or bilingual household, our program recognizes the value of your existing language skills and offers classes designed specifically to meet your needs.

The Greater Boston area is home to a flourishing Russian-speaking population, so there are lots of opportunities to sample Russian culture and practice your language skills with native speakers.

Academics and Research

Outside the Classroom

Graduate Study, Careers and Alumni

“Russian is a passion for me, and I knew coming into Brandeis that I wanted to major in the language. Being an Undergraduate Departmental Representative is my way of giving back to the community and professors (like Professor Dubinina) that have given so much to me, and to share my passion for the Russian language and culture.”

Andrew Baker ’18