Russian Studies Program

Related Programs

Comparative Literature and Culture

The Program in Comparative Literature and Culture engages the study of literatures and cultures within and across national boundaries. It comprises the comparative analysis of literary and cultural texts not only in relation to genres, forms, and movements but within the larger context of social discourse and cultural practices.

European Cultural Studies

The European Cultural Studies Program (ECS) offers students the opportunity to study English and continental literature in translation in conjunction with one or more related disciplines: fine arts, history, music, philosophy, politics, sociology and theater arts. ECS is for those students who feel intellectually adventurous, who want to explore the interrelationships of literature with various other disciplines in order to gain a broader perspective of what constitutes "culture."

International and Global Studies

The International and Global Studies Program (IGS) is an interdisciplinary program that provides students with the chance to understand the complex processes of globalization that today so profoundly affect politics, economics, culture, society and the environment.