Russian Studies Program

Senior Honors Thesis

Majors wishing to graduate with departmental honors must enroll in and complete RUS 99a and RUS 99b (Senior Thesis), a two-semester sequence. Before enrolling, students should consult with Undergraduate Advising Head David Powelstock and must arrange to be advised by a faculty member in the department who has agreed to direct the thesis.

Candidates for departmental honors must have a 3.50 GPA in all courses counting toward the major taken prior to the senior year. Honors are awarded on the basis of cumulative excellence in all courses taken in the major and the grade on the honors thesis, as determined by the department faculty. The second semester of the senior thesis, RUS 99b, may be counted toward the five required Russian Studies electives.

Recent Theses

"Russian- and English-language Slash Fiction: A Comparative Analysis" -Alyssa Rider '22
Thesis Advisor: Steven Wilson
Readers: Keridwen Luis and David Powelstock