The Office of Human Resources

Total Rewards Philosophy (Staff)

The Office of Human Resources' total rewards philosophy supports Brandeis University's mission, values and culture.

The University aims to attract, engage and retain a high performing workforce by paying equitably and competitively, while differentiating pay based on performance, and complying with state and federal laws.

  • Competitive position: Overall base pay target is market 50th percentile.
    • Robust annual benchmarking conducted (higher education and industry).
    • Pay position for employees varies based on performance, relevant education, work experience and competencies.
  • Benefits: Provide support for employees’ physical, mental, emotional, and financial health through a robust and competitive set of offerings.
    • Comprehensive health plans for medical, dental, and vision care.
    • Financial security, work and life benefits.
  • Affordability: Manage rewards programs within budget parameters.