Remote US Based Employment

As the University continues its planning for the Fall 2021, it is important for our faculty, staff and managers to be aware of the planning that is taking place by department managers and leaders and to understand the requirements associated with remote working outside of Massachusetts.

From the start of the pandemic, and the dispersal of students and staff from campus, anyone who was already set up to work as an employee (having an active I-9 on file and a US bank account) has been able to work remotely if the position allowed for work to be done without being on campus. As department planning continues for the Fall 2021, the ability to work primarily remote or to work primarily on campus is subject to the needs of each department and the approval of each department leader and manager.

For positions that may be eligible to work primarily remote, the employee will need to complete and abide by the provisions of the Telecommuting and Alternative Work policy. Commuting to campus, as may be required by the role or manager, is considered the responsibility of the employee and is not considered an expense that is reimbursable by the University.

In addition, employees who are authorized to work remotely are expected to supply their own accommodations as needed in the fulfillment of their work. This includes space to work, ability to access University electronic resources through the internet and telephonic communication. The University will supply a laptop or desktop computer (that is and will remain university property) in accordance with the University computer supply program. In most cases the computer supplied will be expected to be used for both on and off campus work. Items not supplied by the University for employees working primarily remote include, but are not limited to, cell phones, printers, utilities, internet service, office chairs, desks.

The residential location of each employee is a matter of their own discretion and decision. Brandeis registers with all states in the United States for which we have a domiciled employee. As such, the University can accommodate the necessary filing and tax implications in these states.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation. If you need clarification, please contact Procurement for questions on supplies, your personal tax advisor for possible tax implications of working outside of Mass. or Human Resources if you have any questions on the Fall 2021 planning process or the telecommuting policy.