Space Planning Checklist

Space Planning Checklist Areas Resources/Contacts
Work Spaces
Request floor plans to support the development of plans for staffing schedules and workspace changes. Susan Feaster, Campus Planning
Request “dot” floor plans that can indicate distancing requirements in support of space reconfigurations to allow appropriate distancing between workstations. Susan Feaster, Campus Planning
Determine the workspace changes needed for staff returning to campus, such as Plexiglass barriers, furniture removal and/or reconfiguration, floor markings to denote distancing, etc. Casey Russo, Capital Programs
Determine appropriate use of conference rooms and occupancy limits to support social distancing. Casey Russo, Capital Programs
Seek information on the building system(s) for air circulation and modifications made to increase outside air. Andy Finn, EH&S
Lori Kabel, Facilities Services
Work Place Protocols
Review sample return to campus protocols for guidance and ideas in developing protocols specific to the department related to space use. Kristen Morris, Facilities Admin Business Ops
Review all common/shared spaces (e.g., kitchens, lounges, equipment rooms, waiting areas) to determine if/how use of these spaces should be restricted or reconfigured to support social distancing. Susan Feaster, Campus Planning
Casey Russo, Capital Programs
Cleaning Protocols
Assess the presence of cleaning products (hand sanitizers, sanitizing wipes, etc.) to determine if additional locations and supplies are needed. Lori Kabel, Facilities Services
Develop cleaning protocols for shared equipment (printers, file cabinets, etc.) that multiple people will be required to use. Lori Kabel, Facilities Services
Develop cleaning protocols for common/shared spaces (e.g., kitchens, lounges, etc.) where appliances are used by multiple people. Lori Kabel, Facilities Services
Determine if you need signage for your department work areas to communicate important directions or guidance to students, faculty, staff or visitors. Casey Russo, Capital Programs