Staffing Plan Outline

Please use this outline and the categories below to create your Fall 2021 staff department plans.
  1. Resourcing Needs
    • Summarize the staff resourcing needed to support department activities.
    • Provide a summary of the positions that may be primarily on-campus and those that may be primarily remote.
  2. On-Campus Workspace
    • Determine the physical modifications to the workspace that may be necessary for positions that are primarily on-campus.
    • Identify changes that may be necessary for other department areas - including front facing areas, travel flow, conference rooms and common space - to ensure health and safety measures.
    • Summarize new or modified equipment or technology to support workspace adjustments.
  3. Health and Safety Measures
    • How you will track who is on-campus and where for each workday.
    • Summarize how you will enforce the use of masking, social distancing, hand washing and department level cleaning.
    • Summarize how you will monitor and ensure compliance with required health and safety measures for all staff including, the completion and use of the Passport, testing, daily health assessment and required training.
    • Summarize how you will ensure the proper use of conference rooms, printers, shared kitchens, refrigerators, eating areas and coffee/water dispensers.
  4. Department Management and Communications
    • The ways you will integrate and unify the operations and communications for staff primarily on-campus and staff primarily remote.
    • How you will acclimate and welcome back staff to an on-campus setting for those who are working primarily on-campus?
    • What steps will you take to communicate prior to a return, during the return and ongoing for staff who are working primarily on-campus?
  5. Other Information
    • Include any other information that may be helpful in your Fall 2021 planning.
Important Notes: